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200 types of Cancer. I'm only interested in one - the one I have

Cancer.gov is a great resource for finding information on all types of Cancer. However, as a user, I might only be interested in finding information on the ONE Cancer that matters most to me. Whether it's the Cancer I'm diagnosed with, or a family member, friend, etc. It would be great to have a personalized, unique experience based on the type of user I am. For example: Patient, looking for information on Hodgkin Lymphoma. Information could be presented in steps based on my situation. Recently Diagnosed? Undergoing Treatment? Remission? Support Groups? A similar experience could be created for family/friends looking for information about the disease, what to expect during treatment, etc.


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  1. There is a prostate cancer website that I think is very good that tries to do something like this for just that one type of cancer. See: http://www.yananow.net/Links.html

    The guy who maintains it is neither a web or graphics designer, nor any kind of medical or scientific expert. The graphic design elements are Spartan. But for one person working mostly by himself, he's done what I think is a very impressive job.

    4 years ago

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