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How about creating an iPhone application for Different apps could be developed for different types of users - patients, caregivers, doctors and nurses, family and friends. Apps could be used for a whole host of different needs - for a patient, there could be a journal and calendar feature that allows them to track their treatment, chronicle their day-to-day activities, feelings, and changes, document their appointments, schedule reminders, etc.

Patients, their families and friends could use also an app to stay emotionally motivated and connected to support groups, etc.

Health professionals could use an app to stay connected to the latest research and updates from NCI and the cancer community.


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    With the emergence of the iPad next month, the combination of the iPad and iPhone will provide a major new operating system and tools for health applications including EHRs and PHRs. I have found that if I compare the same healthcare application created by the same company for the desktop and iPhone, once I use the iPhone version which is quicker to use and much easier to learn, I never go back to the desktop. Utilizing your information on will provide oncology professionals and patients with the most rapid and user-friendly way to take advantage of your resources.

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    Excellent idea for use of iPhone and iPad. This would also be a helpful tool for clinical researchers to use to enter & track clinical trial data, etc.


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    I'm interested in improving mobile access as well, but have suggested a platform-agnostic approach instead. The features described by nusratahmed0 are compelling and could be delivered through a personalized web site that works for both large-screen and mobile users, without requiring an iPhone-only app.


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