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More Information for Diverse Audiences

Recently, I tried to find information about skin cancer and African Americans on because I found an abnormal spot on my foot...and I couldn't find anything other than the fact that I was at low risk. None of the photos showed what skin cancer could look like on darker skin or how I should screen differently. Eventually after a search on WebMD, I went to a dermatologist anyway, who suggested it be biopsied because the spot looked malignant. Others may not be so lucky.

Since is a Federal, national organization, it's important that it serves all American audiences with the information that we need. If there are differences in prevention, screening, or treatment for cancer in terms of African American, American Indian, Asian American, Hispanic, or other populations, we need to know. It could save or improve lives. To improve, be sure to include more content on these issues.


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    I agree about information for more diverse audiences!

    1. Women

    2. Women & bladder cancer, renal cancer, and urothelial carcinoma

    3. Women at high risk for bladder, renal, and urothelial (transitional carcinoma)carcinoma

    a. history of smoking

    b. home hair coloring is suspected as possible factor

    c. artifical sweeteners

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    I agree. We're definitely behind the '8-ball' on cancer research for African Americans. I can't even begin to state the reasons why. I lost my grandfather 10 years ago (on Memorial Day) from pancreatic and mouth and throat cancers, and his failure to go to the doctor for the pain prevented any effective treatment. Education is the key for us to be able to better fight and survive cancer at any level, in any form, and at any point in life.

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