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Search results on cancer.gov can be confusing to patients and family members and I think it would be useful if they were grouped then sorted with a sort option of date or relevance. Groups that come to mind: clinical trials, clinical trials results, bulletin, treatment guidelines (PDQ), cancer topics, spanish language, statistics, funding, etc.


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    Agree completely. In addition to organization of search results, in general, the results of searching the site should be more accurate. This includes better capability of searching fact sheets at the same time as searching the rest of the site.

    An example of how the search function is tempermental:

    If you search "find resources," your first hit is the fact sheet "How To Find Resources in Your Own Community If You Have Cancer."

    However, if you search "finding local resources" or "resources community," you get a jumbled mess of search results. Logically, the search function should return that fact sheet as the first hit for all three of those searches.

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