"Where Do I Start?" Button/Newly-Diagnosed Patients & Families

On the landing page, have a prominent “Where Do I Start?” button, or point of entry, for people and families who are newly-diagnosed. It could direct them to a general orientation area and outline information that is universal and relevant for every patient. Convey the message “We know what you are facing and we have information to help you get started. At NCI, our purpose is to find new treatments and breakthroughs to help save and improve lives of people with cancer. Here you will find info on treatment, research and trials.”

Have this area set up to be like it’s coming from a caring friend or trusted provider who works in the field at a first office visit – use video, audio, web and print; interview our experts here on overview-type info such as:

-Coping with the shock of diagnosis for you and your family

-Cancer basics universal to any situation

-Your rights (second opinion, copy of pathology report, seeing specialists, know your options, asking questions, managing pain, allowing time to explore options)

-Don’t focus on statistics – you are not one

-Treatment basics (surgery, chemo, radiation, etc.)

-Keeping an open mind toward clinical trials as your needs change

-And hope – the number of people who are current cancer survivors

Having this information packaged online as a starting point could orient patients and families before drilling down into specifics.


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